• Are you having some rough times with your spouse?

    • Are you in a relationship and sometimes wonder why you aren’t happy?
    • Wondering why you can't talk like you used to?
    • Do you feel misunderstood and that you are not being heard?
    • Are you stuffing difficult issues inside and staying silent hoping things will get better?
    • Does it seem like you are getting nowhere? Living with a stranger?
    • Do you make sarcastic comments and blame each other when you fight?

    These are signs that something isn’t working in your relationship. That’s all. It’s a signal that needs to be addressed.

    Marriage counseling works because you and your spouse learn how to talk about what’s important. How to help each other heal the hurt places. I can help you face the difficult things you need to talk about and say the things you want to say, but haven’t because you don’t want to hurt your partner.

    Whatever is keeping you from the closeness you desire can be discovered in marriage counseling. There may be many factors driving your struggle:

    • Difficult communication
    • Loss of passion and intimacy
    • Broken trust
    • Emotional distance
    • Cheating
    • Sexual problems

    If you’re facing significant problems in your marriage, I urge you to seek counseling. 

  • Marriages are hard work

    All couples have challenges. All long term relationships go through easy and tough phases. Its up to you both to decide what type of relationship you want to build and to work at it. It may be difficult to find people you can turn to during times of conflict and stress. I am here to help and can walk the journey with you to a deeper, nurturing and healing marital relationship.

    My first task with any new client couple is to gather a working knowledge of you both as individuals and as a couple, learning about your backgrounds, relationship history, thoughts, and ideas about your hopes and needs in your marriage. In session we will focus on helping both of you work equally on the relationship and identify your own opportunities as well as your spouse’s. The more you focus on what you can do differently, the more your relationship will progress and flourish. My goal is for you both to be happy and fulfilled, whether by continuing in the relationship or choosing to move on in separate lives. I will work with you both to figure out what the best path is for you.

  • What to expect in Marriage Counseling

    • A focus on how to communicate more effectively
    • Concrete guidance to stop circular (and often escalating) arguments/fights
    • Specific suggestions, tailored to you, on how to bring passion and intimacy back to your marriage
    • A process to identify repeating, negative patterns
    • Effective help to heal past hurts and resentment
    • Here and now ways to successfully keep growing in the marriage
    • Referral for necessary individual work dealing with addiction, depression, anxiety, co-dependency, etc.