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  • LGBTQ - Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer or Questioning

  • Challenges for LGBTQ Couples in Counseling

    • How can we improve or restore our trust in each other?
    • How do we improve our sexual relationship?
    • Should we open up our relationship?
    • Should we get married?
    • Should we have children?
    • How can we resolve enmeshed or strained family relationships?
    • How can I help my partner hear what I am saying?

    Whether you are just dating, living together, married, or been together for decades, gay, lesbian, and transgender couples face relationship challenges just like any other couple but with additional developmental and cultural challenges that being LGBTQ brings.

    Healthy relationships are difficult to achieve without the understanding of how a healthy “dance” between two people works. Most LGBTQ folks did not have affirmative role models growing up, which complicates the process of relating to others in healthy ways.

  • Being heard in your marriage or relationship

    When couples are unhappy, what often keeps the situation stagnant is difficulty in emotional communication and the unmet needs, conflict, porous or impermeable boundaries that result. In couples counseling, I help you both learn new communication skills and ways of relating to each other that can connect you on a deeper level about what you really need and desire.

    I know that your relationship has not always felt like this. Let me help the two of you relate to each other in a loving, enriching way that will solidify you as a couple. If you love each other, let me help you find your way back.

  • Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Parenting and Family Challenges

    Are you struggling with marriage, family or parenting issues? Many gay, lesbian, and transgender couples have biological or adopted children. Family issues can be very disruptive and cause many challenges for gay families. Regardless if one of you is the birth or biological parent or one or both of you are adoptive parents, there are many issues most families struggle with, such as:

    • Feelings of jealousy about attention your partner gives to the children
    • Fighting about discipline or parenting issues and parenting styles
    • Blended and step-family issues
    • Single mom or dad households
    • Inter-racial couple issues
    • Overwhelmed by responsibilities and finding little time for yourself and/or your relationship
    • Help with parenting issues, adolescent and teenage issues
    • Support and help for yourself, partner or child dealing with illness, mental health issues and more

    Therapy can help gay, lesbian, and transgender couples learn how to resolve conflict, improve communication and become more aware of the destructive and hurtful patterns. Whether you are fighting about sex, money, children, marriage, insecurity, affairs or jealousy, therapy may help. Counseling can also help if you are trying to end or cope with a painful relationship.

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