• Why study our Dreams?

    Dreams are fascinating, mysterious, often beautiful, sometimes humorous, frightening, or strange. But is it worth it to pay attention to them? I think so. In my experience, dreams can guide us, haunt us, or even point us down a different road. If we are only willing to pay attention to them.
    Freud said that dreams are the royal road to the unconscious. He thought we could learn to understand ourselves through understanding our unconscious, which is still the basis for psychotherapy today. Carl Jung explored the unconscious further through the use of his own dreams.
    Dreams arise unbidden every night, several times a night from the unconscious, and can provide a commentary on our conscious life, our life issues, and our individual life path and direction. If we can listen in to what our dreams are saying, they will inevitably and invariably tell us something we didn't already know. 
    • There is mystery in dreams, they always tell us something we don’t already know.
    • Dreams are part of how the psyche self-regulates and give us clues as to what may be causing us tension or imbalance.
    • Our many disparate parts are able to express themselves in dreams which aids the individuation process and connects us with our authentic self.
    • Dreams help the dreamer create an alliance with and access to the unconscious.
    • Our ego is supported and wounds can be healed through understanding our dream messages.
    • Dreams can point toward corrections to our life course and help us make meaning.
    Carl Jung believed that dreams can heal. He wrote that dreams….“illuminate the patient’s situation in a way that can be exceedingly beneficial to health. They bring him memories, insights, experiences, awaken dormant qualities in the personality, and reveal the unconscious element in his relationships. So it seldom happens that anyone who has taken the trouble to work over his dreams with qualified assistance for a longer period of time remains without enrichment and a broadening of his mental horizon. Just because of their compensatory behavior, a methodical analysis of dreams discloses new points of view and new ways of getting over the dreaded impasse.” 
  • Working with a therapist to understand your dreams will help you...

    • Decode the deeper meanings of your dreams
    • Integrate the wisdom of your dreams into waking life
    • Understand how dreams show you what is out of balance
    • Access your inner spiritual reality and offer paths for healing
    • Develop a connection to your inner wisdom
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