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  • What happens during the initial consultation?

    The key to therapeutic success and my initial goal is to define an individually tailored program for you, including assessment of your issues, defining your goals, and setting meeting times. Because I believe in an interactive partnership with my clients, you will be encouraged to provide me with feedback throughout our work together. Our initial sessions will be focused on four elements:

    1) Discussing the issues that you are facing,
    2) Determining the goals that you want to achieve,
    3) Beginning to develop trust, respect, and a personal connection between us so that you feel safe and understood, and
    4) Providing background information so that I can fully understand the influences on your life.

    During an initial evaluation, I will ask you questions about your life including what brings you in and what your relationships are like including friendships, colleagues, family and romantic relationships. I will ask you about what it was like for you when you were growing up. I will inquire about any emotional, physical and/or sexual abuse you may have had. There will be questions about your sexual functioning, your mood, and your appetite and sleep patterns along with other symptoms you may be experiencing.

    Following the initial evaluation, we will discuss your diagnosis (if any), treatment recommendations for addressing specific problems, and any medical referral or consultation with experienced health professionals that might be required.