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  • How often and how long will I have to come to therapy?

    Clients often want to know upfront how long therapy will last. This is the unanswerable question. Some problems can be resolved in 5 to 6 visits. However, issues that are more complicated may involve long-term work lasting months to years. Most clients come weekly. Sometimes clients feel the need to come twice a week for short periods for extra support. Sometimes biweekly sessions work best. Research shows that by 6 to 8 sessions, most clients either stay in therapy or drop out.

    My recommendation is to try therapy initially for 6 to 10 weekly visits with a subsequent re-evaluation. It depends on your issues and how much work you want to put into yourself, but 6 to 10 visits will allow you to fully experience regular therapy attendance and see if it is helpful for you.

    After this initial phase of therapy recommendation for termination, additional weekly visits or, in some cases, biweekly or monthly visits may be suggested. My focus is on helping you reach your goals and not some arbitrary amount of time. I will never allow therapy to continue beyond its natural life. Once goals are reached or if there is a natural plateau warranting a break in the process, I will question your need and/or willingness to continue. If at any point I feel that I am unable to help you further, I will refer you to a trusted colleague who may be better suited to take care of you.