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  • The End of Therapy - Graduation

    One of Tom Peter's 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is to "begin with the end in mind." This can be quite difficult when starting therapy because emotional feelings are typically high and you may even feel in crisis.

    My goal for every client is that they will leave therapy having grown as a person. Ideally, our work together will help you achieve a new level of understanding about yourself that let's you say, “I am who I am and I'm ok with that” or “I’m comfortable being me”.

    Just like any journey, how long it takes to get there depends on where you start from and how many adventures you have along the way.

    When you first have thoughts about leaving therapy, I encourage you to bring it into our sessions and make it part of the work we are doing. When the time is right, we will jointly review the process of our work, and check in about current symptoms and goals set and achieved or refined.

    In reviewing our work together, we can discuss what was most helpful and what was less so, and we have both observed about each other and learned from the process.

    Feelings about graduating from a course of therapy are always complicated. It both marks the culmination of a huge amount of work and progress that makes one proud and also embodies the sadness of the end of a regular therapy relationship.

    Its always possible, and a welcome event, when former clients come back for a "tune-up" or a check-in after they complete a course of therapy. The occasional postcard or emailupdate can be helpful in staying connected to the progress you have made and the successful relationship we had together.