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  • Psychotherapy, What and Why?

    Psychotherapy is a shared space between a therapist and client, to spend time on a regular basis exploring challenges, dissatisfaction or dilemmas in the client’s life. You may have heard it called “talk therapy” or “interpersonal therapy.” It may surprise you to find that simply talking with a therapist will frequently make you feel less alone, shrink problems down to manageable size and lessen your symptoms.

    Psychotherapy is a commitment and takes time. Psychotherapy involves a real relationship between two people. It does not involve physical contact. It does involve both verbal and non-verbal communication and often silence and contemplation. Therapy is the one hour per week where you can be free to say or express anything you want, where you can drop all pretenses and conformities, and be in the moment with another human being.

    We spend a great deal of our time, trying to be what we think others expect us to be, or trying to be liked, or accepted. We keep much of ourselves hidden from most people, and often hidden from ourselves as well. Without knowing why, we can become unhappy, and sometimes depressed. We can forget how to be intimate, open, honest and true to ourselves. We can forget who we really are. We can become afraid.

    All of this makes starting therapy an act of courage. Some only call a therapist when they have tried everything else. Others see the recurring patterns again and again – in relationships, in their career, or with adverse health symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia or depression. Some times a past traumatic experience can prevent us from fully living life. Whatever is bringing you to therapy, I am pleased to chat more with you about the options available, and how I might be helpful.