• Is group therapy for you?

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    Everyone deals with groups (our families, our colleagues, our friends) and we all have challenges in relating to some folks in our lives. Sometimes we want to relate to others in a more genuine way or increase our authenticity with others. Some of us want to have better boundaries. Others want to understand their feelings better and be able to share them with others. Some folks want to learn to be more assertive. Group experiences with a watchful group therapist can help with these types of issues. 

    There are a number of ways that group is different than individual therapy:

    1. It’s more affordable.
    2. Group is closer to real life. You are dealing with real people in a therapy group. In a healthy, emotionally-rich group, you have many different perspectives that can lead to insightful feedback, exploration and experimentation.
    3. Group members learn from seeing others work on their own issues.
    4. Your therapist can see you in a social environment rather than relying on your perceptions alone.

    Group psychotherapy, like individual, is for people who would like to improve their ability to cope with difficulties and problems in their lives. Group therapy focuses on interpersonal interactions, so relationship problems are addressed well in groups. The aim of group psychotherapy is to help with solving emotional difficulties and to encourage the personal development of the participants in the group. The therapist chooses as candidates for the group people who can benefit from this kind of therapy and those who may have a useful influence on other members in the group.

  • What can group therapy do for me?

    • Groups provide support. Hearing from others with similar issues helps you see that you’re not alone in having challenges. Many people experience a sense of relief.
    • Groups teach you about yourself. Group members can hold up a very powerful mirror to help you get a wider range of perspectives on your situation, which makes it easier to see other paths through the issues that you are having.
    • Groups are encouraging. When other group members are successful, it can be very encouraging. When you see others changing, you learn that you can, too.
    • Groups help us be more social. Its less isolating to be part of a group and mutually participating in a group boosts your self confidence.