• This group focuses on understanding the effects of childhood sexual abuse; how each man has learned to survive and how past survival strategies may not be working like they once did. Group members will explore new and more effective coping strategies for living authentically and with a greater sense of balance and peace.

    This is a 15 week group for men (starts and ends with the same 5-6 men) who have experienced childhood or adolescent sexual abuse. The  group process will include didactic, experiential, expressive arts, and process portions focused on here-and-now interactions between members . Exploration of these interactions allows group members an opportunity to more deeply understand themselves and others and to improve their ability to authentically connect.

    • establishing safety individually and in the context of relationships;
    • negotiating boundaries;
    • effectively dealing with anger/loss/rage;
    • managing addictive and/or compulsive behaviors;
    • learning to identify and manage anxiety;
    • understanding how being a survivor may affect one’s sexuality;
    • and incorporating or re-incorporating a sense of spirituality into daily life.

    By taking supported risks in a confidential, safe environment, group members will experience and learn how to negotiate interpersonal relationships and conflicts. Members will also gain valuable feedback on unconscious behaviors that push people away or bring them closer. The goal is to assist group members in creating deeply rich, nurturing, and healing relationships.

    When: Wednesdays, 5:30-6:45pm

    Group Meeting Dates: August 14 - November 20

    There is no charge for the initial interview. The group will be 15 sessions at $150/session for a total tuition of $2250 or $2000 if you pre-pay for all sessions by cash or check. Some limited tuition assistance is available for those in need.


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