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  • Looking to learn more about leading groups?
    Are you seeking a new group experience?
    Do you want more insight into your own group stimulated dynamics?

    I am excited to announce a new consultation and supervision* group for group therapists. This is an experiential consultation group specifically for therapists leading groups, or actively planning to start a group.
    In this supervision group, I use an experiential model developed by David Altfeld(1999). Cases presented in the supervision group are worked with by associations stimulated in the group members. Psychodynamic, relational and group-as-a-whole theories are then integrated to enhance understanding of group dynamics and inform future interventions to move past "stuckness" and enhance group functioning.
    I have been exploring this model for the past 8 years and have found it tremendously useful at elucidating parallel material that may not otherwise be recognized. This first-hand insight gained into therapy group dynamics will expand the capability, knowledge and skills of all group members.

    My work with therapy groups provides a deep sense of satisfaction as the therapy group members expand their emotional maturity. The power of participating in an experiential supervision group is three fold:

    1. it illuminates unconscious processes that impact my group work,
    2. provides diverse and multidimensional lenses through which to view interpersonal interactions, and
    3. provides support and encouragement to keep learning and expanding my capacity in this exciting field.

    I hope you will join me.

    Group Leader: Rob Williams, MBA, LICSW, CGP

    Day/Time: Biweekly, Friday, 9-11AM

    Location: Dupont Circle, 1801 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 300

     For more information or to join: Call 202-455-5546 or email rob.williams.msw@gmail.com

    *Can be used to fulfill the requirement for group psychotherapy supervision to become a Certified Group Psychotherapist (CGP).

    Altfeld, D. A. (1999). An experiential group model for psychotherapy supervision. International Journal of Group Psychotherapy, 49(2), 237-254.

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  • Curious about how other therapists manage private practice groups?

    Interested in new ideas for marketing or starting groups?

    Want to stay in closer contact with group colleagues?

    Join us in a lively video chat each month, sharing your experiences with fellow group colleagues at all levels. Our goal is to provide a space for participants to bring up challenges and successes and share resources related to running groups in private practice.

    Please RSVP for online access to:rob.williams.msw@gmail.com

    We will connect using Zoom for our smartphones, tablets, and desktops.

    For system requirements please go to this link to get ready: https://support.zoom.us


    Group Moderator: Rob Williams, MBA, LICSW, CGP

    Meets Monthly, on the second Monday of each month, Noon - 1pm


    For more information or to join: Call 202-455-5546 or email rob.williams.msw@gmail.com


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